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Intelligence Partnership is a unique education and consultancy service specializing in Emotional Intelligence, Total Inclusivity and Self-Love.

Intelligence Partnership works with individuals, schools, universities, public and private sector organisations of any size and complexity. Its primary aim is to improve individual and organizational emotional and cultural well-being.
Our services include extra-curricula education (e.g. summer schools); online education and consultancy; corporate wellbeing programmes including cultural auditing; parental guidance; emotional intelligence development; youth guidance; and self-love learning for children and adults.
One of the key concepts of Intelligence Partnership is

Total Inclusivity

Total Inclusivity means recognising, valuing, protecting and nurturing diverse identities, including those of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, age, religion and language.
Intelligence Partnership uses the following definition of

Self-Love in all its activities

Self-Love means recognising oneself, valuing oneself, nurturing oneself, protecting oneself, empowering oneself, thereby ensuring you are able to flourish and grow in a self-aware and contented state.

How do Total Inclusivity and Self-Love Connect?

The healthiest emotional condition for an individual is achieved when they are able to embrace all facets of their identity. When they are being truly authentic and no longer acting out roles and behaviours for social convention.

When one is able to embrace all facets of oneself so one is better able to accept all facets of others.

Dr Stephen M. Whitehead
Ms Van Thi Thanh Binh

Thus arises the state of Totally Inclusive Self-Love

Programmes for 2024

Watch this space for information shortly to be posted about the IP Hanoi Children’s Summer Camp Programme for 2024 (June and July) or to reserve a discounted place for your child CONTACT us now.

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