When you learn to be brave and look squarely at your failures, imperfections, and mistakes… to call out their names – frankly, honestly, truthfully – then your inner transformation has truly begun.

When you learn to look beneath your failures, imperfections, and mistakes… to identify a pattern, a tendency, a value…that needs correction, then your inner purification has truly been activated.

When you learn to say to yourself loving and encouraging words every day, to choose for yourself a new value, a new tendency, and set up a new pattern… to renew yourself from the inside – then you are learning to love yourself unconditionally.

That is totally inclusive self-love.

Each of us is like this little bird, seeing ourself as this little body, these little wings, the desire to soar in the sky, and the longing to be with our flock.

Each of us is also the Infinity that manifests into this little bird.

Each of the songs from that little neck contains the magical resonance of Infinity.

Each of us is actually a sacred door, leading to Infinity.

And when someone meets someone deeply, that is Infinity meeting Infinity.

Photo: Cathrin Snownoba

When you recognize  that you are a small bit of the universe; that the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, tendencies, and connections…inside you are also bits of the universe; and you and all those bits form, exist, and then perish in a magical flow, in accordance with the Laws of Life ; then comes the realization that you have NOTHING to do.

Any attempt to adjust, change, or regulate the development of you and the inside of your depth are utterly redundant, unnecessary, and in vain. Because, with a lot of magic and wisdom, the universe herself is constantly evolving for the better and the more beautiful.

Inside each of us are the mysteries and beauty of the universe. Just one breath is magic enough – the universe is breathing inside you!

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