Intelligence Partnership FAQ Page: answers common questions about emotional wellbeing services for individuals and organizations, promoting inclusive culture and self-love.

Intelligence Partnership is a business consultancy based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The co-founders and partners, Ms Binh, are experts in organisational analysis and culture. They combine Asian and Western mindsets and the intelligences EQ and IQ to the problems and issues which all businesses face at different times but especially in this age of rapid and unpredictable change and uncertainty. Ms Binh is an expert in emotional intelligence and its application in human relationships. Ms Binh have over eight decades experience in advising, managing, and leading organisations both in the West and in Asia.

Every business has problems but not every business leader can solve all of them. Often the most

complex and cumbersome organisational problems arise from simple causes. Intelligence

Partnership identifies those causes, the roots of the problems, and provides organic solutions from

within the organisation. IP undertakes the identification, analysis and resolution of difficult business problems, especially those related to work systems, leadership styles, human resource management, and organisational cultures. The primary objective is to improve efficiency, enhance staff motivation, and increase profitability for the organisation.

The primary service offered is a cultural audit. This is a deep dive into the organisational culture and typically involves interviews with all key personnel, observations of operations, attendance at meetings, and examination of documents and other written materials. The methodology is mainly qualitative (interviews, focus groups) but may also include some quantitative research depending on the size of the organisation.

  • Motivations and demotivations in employees
  • Power blocs and pockets of resistance
  • Barriers to efficiency and effectiveness
  • Employee attitudes, expectations and subjectivities
  • Communication quality, levels and barriers
  • Key/Influential personalities
  • Leadership styles
  • Middle management styles
  • Human Resource Management Issues
  • Areas of toxicity
  • Areas of positive energy
  • Areas of cultural weakness
  • Areas of cultural strength
  • The dominant work culture
  • The secondary work cultures
  • Opportunities for growth both in the business and in the employees

For more information and to book a pilot cultural audit please contact:

Ms. Van Thanh Binh:

[email protected]

To Summarise...

Not only will Intelligence Partnerships illuminate and explain the inner workings and culture of the organisation to a business leader, it will advise on how to bring about positive change so as to increase motivation, efficiency, staff retention rates, and, ultimately, profitability. IP can provide personalised EQ and IQ mentoring and professional development for leaders and business owners, so enabling them to apply both emotionally positive and intellectually informed solutions in their leadership approach. IP provides the business leader with insights into the organisation which would otherwise remain hidden and unobserved. IP gives the business leader valuable knowledge of the organisational work culture (values, attitudes, practices) as experienced by employees on a daily basis. IP offers the business leader the most valuable tool to ensure success – knowledge of their business as understood and enacted by employees.

Emotionally intelligence solutions for your well-being and growth.